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Sunday, January 22, 2006

blogger says i mst do a post or it won't let me preview my template.
so here i am just wasting time babbling on my sister's page.
which btw i did. lol. she was too lazy to learn how to do it all by herself.
btw. the picture above is original. took it myself & edited it.

hmm, to whoever else that wants me to make templates;
i might consider it. :] lemme know!

email me at jiarjiarbinks @ hotmail.com LOL. :]

jiaryi blabbed at 9:53:00 pm


the name is jiar yi & came into the world in a country called malaysia; & still stuck here. aged twenty-two but most characteristics still apply to seven yr olds. always in the mood for frappucino rhumba & dislikes messyness + no shopping.



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