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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just when i am in the mood to blog, its already then end of Chinese New Year and the end of my long holiday. Taken lots of pictures this chinese new year at hometown, dinners, during mah jong sessions, visiting to the temples :) unforgetable!! all the lou sang.. yummmyyyy... will load the pictures next week! being lazy as usual.
One good news, one bad news i have.
Good news : i have a new fanstastic job! Good pay, cool place! :) Hope everything will run well.
Bad news : end of my holidays... *sob sob*
Really excited for tomorrow yet lazy cause i will have to wakey early and start work an hour earlier then usual tomorrow :((((((( siiiggghhhh... oh well, think about the money.. think bout the money!!!
got to sleep soon, or i will be seeing the stars tomorrow morning..

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the name is jiar yi & came into the world in a country called malaysia; & still stuck here. aged twenty-two but most characteristics still apply to seven yr olds. always in the mood for frappucino rhumba & dislikes messyness + no shopping.



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